Course Syllabus (pdf format or word format)

Summer Packet - 54 Pages (pdf format)

Earth Day Project (pdf format)

Chemistry Lab Notebook Grading Rubric (pdf format)
Lab Equipment Handout (pdf format)
Organic Chemistry – Role of Chemicals in our Lives (extra credit) (pdf format)
Le Chatelier’s Principle (pdf format)

Equation Sheet (pdf format)
Rules for Naming Compounds (pdf format)
Matter – Substances vs. Mixtures and Properties of Matter (pdf format)
Stoichiometry Vocabulary - limiting & excess reactants,
theoretical + actual + percentage yield (pdf format)
Answer key to AP Chemistry Net Ionic Equations by Type (pdf format)
Ch 17 – Electrochemistry (pdf format)
Ch 18 – Periodic Table Revisted (pdf format)
Chapter 18 and 19 (pdf format)

Chemistry Exam Format (pdf format)

AP Exam – Practice Test 1 – Multiple Choice (pdf format)
Periodic Table – Take home test (pdf format)
AP Exam – Practice – Net Ionic Equations (pdf format)
AP Exam – Lab Question Essay (pdf format)
AP Exam – Olympiad Practice Test (pdf format)